Saturday, January 9, 2010

I too often overlook the little things

 The more i sketch, the more i find out about myself. My time in Arkansas has become somewhat of a meditation. I isolate myself from all outer influences by locking myself in a room with only my sketchbook as an outlet for communication. I talk to my art as if it were another person in the room that I have never met. In seeking the deepest most unconscious thoughts I begin to figure how much I really don't know myself. This can't be me. Oh, but it is. I often stress myself out thinking of how i can get better and what more can i do. Always thinking of the next step. This is when I realize I need to slow down and look at the steps I missed and cherish them as well because they too played a role in getting me where I am now. I surround myself with positive, loving, supportive people and they uplift me in a way I could never do myself. Their is a difference between doing art and LOVING art! 

Johnathon Michael Espinoza:

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