Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'ma set the city on fire, thas on everything..

   I guess the new me wasn't really working out, the new issues I was approached by I admit I couldn't really work em out, I assume now I have to go back the older me like in the older days, of course this applies to those of you who knew me back then and experienced a tad bit of my older ways, my future wasn't so bright back when, you could just label them my darker days.
  The tides have changed dramatically, I'm only expected to be someone untouchable, I don't know if I'm suppose to seclude myself in order to make this happen, but apparently that's exactly what the fuck has happened, I can't complain for the troubles that hold hands with my struggles, they always end up building me higher then they've torn me down, despite that, shit it still takes toll on me and wears me out from my insides out, and you can really tell like it's your own word of mouth.
  Time is of the essence, I'm obligated to make some crucial moves, I've made a few, now I'm very happy and excited about where my life is headed, even though I don't always approve of the person who led it, fuck it though, I'm still in my ways cuz I'm instilled in my ways, you can say it's embedded, success is mandatory even if I don't want it, It's a part of my characteristics, my demeanor, personality, If I'm not able to obtain it, my last request is to exchange that finger for a gaut, point it to my face and blame it.

Johnathon Michael Espinoza: