Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Damn, So much has gone on since I arrived in Houston. Everything from the horrid mishaps of the train ride(more like a roller coaster) to the excitement of finally seeing the studio. Me and Gerry, safe to say business partner, have amazing stories that lead into the extraordinary story of us meeting and our legacy is in the works. We are the only people suitable for this calling. This is a responsibility that no other can handle or is capable of. We don't know exactly what the hell were doing or going to do. All we know is were here on the stage now with eyes on us, a spotlight, and the odds stacked against us. Oh, and we must not forget the people who are hoping we fall on our faces. Were perfectly capable of getting on with this movement even though we have our weaknesses, but we are slowly beginning to pull together as one and fill the cracks to the barrier needed to keep negativity out. We have so much to do and organize. It's like grow up or die. Fall into a repeating pattern of our race, father's or community. We want to be the people that everyone idolizes and can go to for nearly anything, not only because we want to but because we wish we had someone to do this for us. Everything in the past will be forgotten for now. Fuck what I accomplished and the hardships I went through to get to this point. I look forward and press on. When I find a resting place I'll look back reminisce and laugh. Then keep going. I get a rush from people relying on me and second guessing, not to prove anything to them, but for myself. I am my own experiment, and I'm creating a monster. I don't want to be a ripple in time. I want to be a fucking wave. No matter how much you love me or hate me. If you know of my existence I changed your life and theirs not a damn thing you can do about it but jump on the band wagon and kiss my ass. I said it many times before, and I say it again. Art is the only thing that will save us in the worst of times. Deep depression of recession. Not a theory a fact. Do your homework.

Johnathon Michael Espinoza: