Friday, March 11, 2011

never the mind it..hope your day goes well..just wanted to say hello

Satanic sanity is sanitary is your headline on your mildewed notepad and half full gel pin..ta-da!..I always have this uniquely, satanic vision of me waking up..sitting on a kings chair in a dark room..alone..besides the rays of warming light seeping through the black paint on the childishly painted only eyes rolling continually behind dark shades of Burberry..listening to my beard and hair grow..they are both years long by description by the many I would be lying if I told you..frightening I know..every now and again tapping I am, my fingernails on the red velvet arm rests because the echo assures me nobody is behind me except the taxodermy kind of squirmy..if it were unarmed Id be unharmed..youll know why later..sad neck is barely holding my head up..unproper it is, swivels violently which is why my crown alarmingly hit the marble beneath me and started to circle mine and the chairs legs alike..ruins my shitty silence distortion..the and there again..five plus five..i used the available fingers to add..ten gold and diamond chains I'm wearing are grinding and clinging..swaying..ha ha..yeah..Its music!!..I'm shirtless...but the weathered leather and metal accents on my jacket are the realest sensation against my upper torso..torn seams and torn thoughts..the silk on my pajama pants would be genuine as well except it seems I've again pissed myself, I smell a linger drunken stupor gets the best of me I admit..I wouldn't know it was, the cause, but my feet are resting upon last nights half empty Jack Daniels bottle as if an island..i recognize the shape of the bottle says my frigid toes positioned pajamas are pin striped in case you makes me look taller..i like the fact that being optical is optional..oh..i remember why I'm really tapping my fingernails against the arm soft..sensational..I seem to have a bit of cocaine peeking in the addiction of course..that shits just expensive yo..cant let that go..I like watching wine like watching wine age?..dont ask about my age..depressing..furrows my brow..I hope I make it past thirty..I hope I make it past thirty without my fingernails habits stick though thug..results always come out if you dont want to know then dont test my body fluids or dont test my blood..basically if you dont want to know then dont ask..I wont tell..theres a pill in my left zipper breast pocket..It'll speed up your thinking so you can keep up with head is pulsating like the lead on your pad..woops, you had a gel and my legs are shivering again..two lips simeltanous they quiver..Some demons are scratching the outside of my one window..they'd like, love, hope is what they claim to deliver..neat outfits I assume..the only escape..they're so crazy..they converse well though..oh the shit they say..makes my day..i dare not that sense they defeat..Im going to let them in..I recall, remember, at times reminisce a time I let them in, can run if you want..if I let you..tee hee..clinches, grasps..hold me hand we shall, will allow them presence together..oh, cometh on..itll be fun, comment on..woooooosh! splish,splash, spill the thrill dudette feel the me duette, do a tsunami they leak in..paryers to Japain..its a tornado they speak heart rate is an peace is our handshake..a fluster of brilliance just made way to both cheeks of my brain..your mouth is an ass..inspration is this particular jaw jackers and this fucker go way back..well lets just say without him they'd,you'd, pay me less..I say they as if your not here..I mean you..yes you..dont touch me please..go back to your binoculars..couch crothch..your touch tingles my spine divine..just like mine, in my quiet resmbles mine..hella, damn pervert..what day is it again?..i enjoy scraping talleys on the cloth walls with broken and my demons will show you how this time..stay in your cant count them cuz the cotton guts make it difficult..but hey..its the thought that counts..don't mention it..DON'T MENTAL IT!..studder, sturdy minded..I don't mind it..wink, wink, repeat wink..then I hold up a flash card I pull from my boxers that says,"laugh with me" catch a glimpse of the back as I shove it crinkled back into my jewels..familiar was scratched out with pen so you didn't know what to make of it..delerious you are.."delirious she is", I whisper to inspiration..p.s. the other no name demons went back the way they came and left just as fast as they came..hand me downs..what an extremely odd way to pass time..we think to ourselves cuz we are one now..siamese..bloody knees..prayers only reach the atmosphere..I take off my jacket and show you an etched in prison tat on my pale back symbolizes a bond thats not meant to be broken..yeah i know it looks just like three sixes..subtract it all and you end up with the toll it takes on me..but your not looking close enough and I doubt the lighting in here would help your perception of me..sinister..ugh..youll never wait come back please..I'm not is my puppy dog tongues out and im panting..I look rediculous for you..I'm worth nothing you know that right..I have that right..I'm dont playing around..lets go party..have you met your maker?..ill introduce you in a funeral setting..matrimony is holy between ya'll..a wedding..ooh! can not, whilst waiting, you'll get along just fine..if I can juuuuuust..find..aha here it be..this little Sherlock mystery of mine..I pull from behind your ear a blah blah old days century observant are we..but we still leave out the shattered only way window way to go..tell me where your going and ill follow you..i hope its dark..natural habitat..I cling to it..habitually..idea..lets get lost finding serenity in your virginity..jk..unless your gonna do it? that as it may..leave me where I lay..please yourself..ill recline on the oak and peek your stroak..damn bitch, what were you thinking..regrets a puddle of sperm you know..your ovaries are oysters..nothing new but that you knew..have you seen my art..hug me till I fart..I heard that somewhere..I took up that dare..camoflauge I wear when I go out wandering..I always walk too long..deyhderation, my death bed of healthy roses..shame I shit and ponder I vomit..I get so mixed up like an omelette..finest meal of the day perhaps, dont you think..well? dont you think?..your not hardly the person I use to know, you know..I say that to say this..this is me holding my breadth.. -__-'a.k.a. sleepy face..It's a fact..I Googled it..shadows make me shady..right slim? ..die out, fly out ya feel me homie..the end.

Por Fin.

Johnathon Michael Espinoza:

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