Thursday, April 1, 2010

take only what you need from me

 I don't need to be one of a pair to fulfill my dreams, because when your alone it's easier to weave the thread through the seams, when your a needle in a haystack every direction you face is a point of attack, keep the ones you love on the blunt side of your character, if you don't want to hurt them don't involve them, forget how you feel, lonely and what not, your being selfish and thinking short term, now if they force their way into the path of your point, well then that's not your concern, family aside, if you don't take the talent God has graced you with and stretched it the length of your potential, how can you say you lived a fulfilling life, you dare sell yourself short?, you dare slap God in the face for not partaking in the power he hath put forward for thee?, I guess there was meant to be optimism in everything, fuck it though, we choose our own path in life even if it's foretold, destined to be can be altered to destined for me, I'm my own God, I say what goes and what stays, what blows and what sways, whats grown and whats stumped in my life including the persons surrounding me, I know for a fact if I stop what I do, good or evil, it will take a draining toll on them and will hurt them to see me hurl, it will also keep them from benefits, believe me I'm modest about my shit, this age of mine is merely a restriction and tab in this real life journal, my accomplishments are foot notes, but in reality their footsteps, new prints to a trailblazing of its own path with no destination or purpose, if your a smart person you would keep an eye out for the things I do and get anything you can with my name handwritten in cursive.

Johnathon Michael Espinoza:

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