Friday, March 19, 2010

Give me room or give me service..Na I'll take both..Room Service

I don't want a girl that is digital, like a retired matador, quit the bull, I'm not ready to settle down but in the future I'd like a girl that I can take arm in arm to the spirit world, I have too much pending on my future to dedicate right now but if that one person only understood then we can overs stand, the whether not's and any unpredicted rain by the weather man, it's gonna take some father time and come mother nature natural, I can picture it now, it's camera perfect, I can paint it too, It's priceless worth it, from outside looking in I'm less deservant, but in some pass time passed past tense I'm indebted to you, loyal servant, all is catered, all is altered, all is tailored, best of the best, elegance is in order, the alter is the starting line to this marathon, let me land first, I'm so fuckin fly all the time I don't know what planet I'm on, shit just happens, I don't plan it at all, and I'm an artist so don't expect the expected or something traditional like the dun dun..dun dun wedding song, I just can't help myself, like i stated prior, The only way I know how to help us is to first help myself, I don't want to be right off rich, I want to be well off wealthy, shit, all the green I see in my future, best believe were gonna die healthy, just give me a little elbow room so I can devour the plate God has served to me, why wouldn't I eat if he keeps blessing me, I still stay full through all the yada yada that is testing me, the way I'm grubbing levels out the suffer, faithful at worse, I'm there at the first and last supper, obviously soon I'll be rich and apparently soon I'll be famous, glamor, glitz, diamonds, silverware that is stainless of course those fancy self start whips, but your the only profit I want from my grind and out of all of this, I just want to achieve my potent potential so I have to grind to my death, I want to be the only dick you grind on and the only dick you die with, I want to die kissing you with the very last of this taken for granted earthling breadth.

Johnathon Michael Espinoza:

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