Friday, December 9, 2011

sequence of events

First off and foremost, I just want to let you know that you're the reason that tis' the season..for most, I'll leave that piece be, why? it kinda makes me feel awkward speaking.. it's in my past like trick or eyes fill.. watered up...reason being, I keep it all bottled up..that's why it's logical to grab the cups and pour em' up..I toast to the matter if it leaves me throwing up..Shiiit! one time for ya' mind..assumptions aside on the really, though..too blunt on the blunts or you feel me on the Phillie's, though..I like to see the HTC in my Christmas tree' be honest..I'm miserable in general..but of course, that's what happens when you let remorse run its course..that's what I get for being blind to the facts, snapbacks aren't back cuz they've always been trucker hats, so..see, I'm older now and more oblige..because the cause of your in bliss is because of ignorance..I'm stuck in an abyss of intelligence..Therefore, you'll never get it even if I'm throwing hints thereafter..I've learned early that unimportant people measure in accomplishments..the real importance is marveling at behind the scene common sense..then you'll truly see through ones incompetence..O.K., per say, we blame the cliche trend snaggers.. LOL, if you feel it necessary..either way.. inevitably, "our youth's in charge" correlates with the end of the world as we know it..God forbid I'm given a chance cuz God knows I'll fuckin' blow it..I wish we were exposed to everything..some people are..that's probably why they choose the bible over a wedding ring..I don't think I'm meant to hear heaven sing cuz I'm not heaven sent..I'm more important that's why I see hell bound in my coordinates for my accordance's .. unfortunately, this world was created and I was just born in it.. hats off to my parents for their "big bang"..folks and their allure to folklore or folks and their feasible theories..big family,too..a series..that's the even exchange when the world is a thing you want to change..This is serious though, I can't help but to think that parties are better off promoting voting for only green's pitiful to believe that being political is critical..I just think the sentinel is going to throw us all in the hole in the earth that Deftones mentioned in their mentioning's..and again, don't take any of this into consideration..unsure of the absurd but this is just me bloggin' off the noggin..rantings and etc.'s are vital to on the other end of them..egh, not so much..I'm done..totally open to at will..don't expect me to flinch either! ha ha

Johnathon Michael Espinoza:

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